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2020 Challenge

How can disadvantaged communities design and participate in skills-based and lifelong learning opportunities to create productive and prosperous livelihoods in the 21st century?

About the challenge

Skills are the global currency of the 21st century. The ability to acquire new skills throughout life, especially technical, social, and critical thinking skills, is crucial for full and equitable workforce participation.

The skills gap in Latin America and the Caribbean continues to be the widest in the world. Lack of accessible, affordable, high quality, and effective learning opportunities means that two out of every five youth are not in education, employment, or training — with girls from vulnerable households disproportionately represented. At the same time, around 50% of formal Latin American firms cannot find local candidates with the skills they need

TPrize Challenge seeks to find and support tech-based solutions to close the skills gap and promote lifelong learning opportunities across Latin America and the Caribbean. To do so, T Prize is looking for innovators with promising solutions from around the world who are either already working in, or planning to expand to Latin America and the Caribbean, that:

  • Deploy new and alternative learning models that broaden pathways for employment and teach entrepreneurial, technical, language, and soft skills
  • Provide equitable access to learning and training programs regardless of location, income, or connectivity throughout Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Support and build the capacity of formal and informal educators to better prepare Latin American & Caribbean learners of all ages for the jobs of today and tomorrow
  • Utilize data to better understand employer needs and better inform policy, resource allocation, and skills of the future

Important dates

October 2019

Challenge Design workshops

December 18, 2019

Challenge Launch

March 31, 2020

Submission deadline

May 22, 2020

Finalist Announcement

Event launch

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